Hello family, yesterday (June 21st) l safely arrived in Sendai, Japan. 

I am currently here to help the people who were affected by the calamity that happened in Sendai on March 11th.
I do apologize that I am writing in English rather than Korean. I wish I could for the sake of convenience. However, the computer I am currently using only has English and Japanese programmed into it.

It was quite easy to find everything due to the fact that most of the signs are in English. It was however very hectic.

The country feels like Korea. So much of it seems so Korean. I do not necessarily feel like I am in a foreign country. From the public transportation to the structure of buildings, even the people, excluding the Japanese-speaking.

I arrived yesterday, and will start to work with the RCJ (Reformed Christian Japan) volunteers soon. 
Talk to you soon. 

God Bless.

Ahn Ji